Clear Creek Organics

Commitment to Value, Quality & Community

In today’s world, it is hard to trust that the food you eat will not impact your health. Clear Creek Organics understands how careful we must be to ensure you never worry about our products and their effect on the people you care about.


  • We are certified by EcoCert who helps us make sure your expectations are being met.
  • We only partner with certified processing centers that ensure consistent safety guidelines are being followed.
  • Tractability means that we can track back our end products directly to the producer who raised the cattle.
  • We know where your meat came from and we know the process it goes through.
  • We produce our beef locally which means we don’t rely on other countries to grow, transport or process CCO beef.
  • Our beef is grain fed and not grass fed so consequently makes for excellent products for barbecuing as well as for high-end food service.
  • NO nitrites, phosphates, gluten or MSG added to our products.
  • Committed to our animals, our community and our customers.


Clear Creek Organics is the result of local farmers from your community coming together to produce and distribute fresh and delicious organic meat. This means that when you need our services or have a request, we are there immediately. Supplying to local and regional communities also reduces fossil fuel waste and reinvests money back into the community. We share your community and we support your growth.

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