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Clear Creek Organics Attends Trade Show

The Canadian Health Food Association held it annual conference and Eastern Trade show the weekend of Oct 5th and 6th in Toronto. Clear Creek was a guest of the Tree of Life distributor and was able to give the visiting retailers and food distributors a sneak peek at their new product line.

Gene Kessler, CEO, stated that the interest in their new line of sausages, deli meats and shelf stable products was tremendous. “There is a void in the market place for certified organic products such as ours”, says Kessler. The no gluten, no lactose, no MSG as well as containing no GMOs appear to be what consumers are looking for and we are in a position to provide them. The products will be made with Canadian organic beef and cured with the celery extract so that consumers can be confident that no sodium nitrite will be used.

Kessler also states, “Our products are close to being launched and with all the pieces nearly in place, we expect that they will be soon on the shelves of local organic and health food stores across Canada.”

He suggests that discerning consumers check the CCO web site as launch dates and locations will be announced. “We look forward to providing a healthy alternative to the organic consumer.”


Eco-buffers Enhance Environment and Increase Profit

Eco-buffers provide all the benefits of conventional shelterbelts with greater ecological paybacks.

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Taking full advantage of Nature

It's easier to work with nature than against it, but can it also improve your farm's bottom line? So says the research.

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The Weeds are Winning!

I hate to be the purveyor of bad news but the weeds are winning. "So what else is new?" I can hear you all saying. Truth be told, the weeds have been winning of as long as agriculture has existed...

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Often animals are made the villian and the effect they have on our environment.

Please read and watch the video link below to gain a new prospective on this issue.

Organics Focus on Branding

The Canadian organic sector plans to ask consumers to "THINK before you eat!"
With a sub text of "Think Canada Organic," the brand is the result of over two years of discussions and consultations among organic growers, processors, distributors, retailers and consumers from across Canada, says Gunta Vitins, chair of the Organic Sector Value Chain Round Table.

The brand will also include the Canadian organic logo and a Canadian flag. The intent is to distinguish certified Canadian organic products from both imported organic products and domestic non-certified organic products.
The group identified consumer confusion as the biggest issue limiting growth of Canadian organics -- and Vitins believes the new brand will help to reduce that confusion. The Canadian Organic Trade Association has already agreed to adopt the new brand and Vitins is now asking organic associations and certifying bodies across the country to endorse it.

Although meant to be used by organizations and companies, it doesn't replace the Canadian Organic logo which can be used by Canadian producers and processors who are ISO-certified to meet the Canadian organic standard, as well as imported product certified under an equivalency agreement. Nor does it replace provincial brands and logos, such as the checkmark available to any producer or processor certified by the Certified Organic Associations of BC.

Saying "we don't want it to be compromised by anyone," Vitins says the Round Table is developing a guide specifying who may use the brand and how. She notes the slogan can also be adapted for non-food organic products in future. "Think before you use" and "Think before you wear" are possible variations.

The Organic Sector Value Chain Round Table intends to launch the brand during Organic Week in September, complete with an advertising campaign highlighting reasons to buy organic.

by David Schmidt

Thank You from Organic Connections Board of Directors

Thank you for your contribution to the success of the 2012 Organic Connections Conference and Trade Show. Your dedication to supporting the organic industry is appreciated. 

Bad News for XL Foods is Good News for Organic Beef

Some Manitoba ranchers aren’t losing any sleep over the problems faced by the XL Foods beef recall.
 That’s because their beef is certified organic, and marketed through channels that operate totally independent of the big players.

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Fifth Biennial Organic Connections Conference and Trade Show Regina 2012

Clear Creek Organic was pleased to take part in the recent Organic Connections which brought together consumers, producers, buyers, certifiers, scientists and organisers.

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American Academy of Pediatrics’ Clinical Report Highlights Benefits of Organic

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 22, 2012) — A clinical report published online today by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) highlighting the many attributes of organic foods provides guidance to parents confused by conflicting marketing messages regarding healthy food choices for their children. Calling the report a major milestone for the organic sector, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) hails it as a confirmation of the significance of the benefits that organic provides.

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U.S. Organic Market Surpasses $31 Billion in 2011*

Driven by consumer choice, the U.S. organic industry grew by 9.3 percent overall in 2011 to reach $31.5 billion in sales. Of this, the organic food and beverage sector was valued at $29.22 billion, while the organic non-food sector reached $2.2 billion, according to findings from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) 2012 Organic Industry Survey. These and other organic related statistics were release in conjunction with the trade association 2012 Policy Conference and Hill Visit Days.

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Growing Organically - Canadian Agriculture

Organic agriculture typically refers to the production of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other food products that are grown without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or other items that can prevent the spread of disease and promote growth. While organic agriculture has recently grown in popularity in the United States and some parts of Europe, it has not been similarly embraced by the citizens of Canada. In fact, despite significant amounts of government support for organic agriculture in Canada in the 1980s, there have only been modest increases in the number of Canadian organic farmers over the past few decades.

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Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan Regina Celebrates Earth Day

Clear Creek Organics was one of six local organic businesses invited to celebrate Earth Day with the guests and patrons of the Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina. The breakfast/brunch on April 22 served approximately one hundred and fifty guests. The local organic producers from the Regina area shared their experiences and discussion of their products with the patrons.

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Another Reason to Eat Organic Food

A recent article in The Western Producer, March 29, 2012 shows the increase of fungicide in conventional crop production on the prairies. Organic standards under the Canadian Organic Regime (COR), does not allow for any chemical application to crop production. This includes no application what so ever including,  prior, during and post growing season. The old expression, “We are , what we eat” comes to mind when one reads this article.

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Clear Creek Organics Attends Farmer Direct Co-Op Annual Meeting

Clear Creek Organics were pleased to be part of the Farmer Direct Coop annual meeting on Nov. 17. in Regina. Jason Freeman, general manager addressed the members of the coop and outlined the market potential for organic grains for 2012, as well as addressed the other service available to present and potential members. Jason and his staff also addressed the protocols on sampling grains and the importance of keeping the Coop updated as to the producers' inventory.

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Clear Creek Organics Gives Back To Their Community

As part of their on going commitment to supporting their community that has supported their growth since June of 2008, Clear Creek Organics donates to organizations and charities that reflect the values of their company. To this end, CCO has recently supported the efforts of the Canadian Progress Club Regina Centre for the fourth year in a row with a donation towards their charity auction.

Clear Creek Organics would like to congratulate the Progress Club on their commitment to their community and would like to ensure them that we will be involved again next year!

Clear Creek Organics Helps Pangman Celebrate

On the weekend of Aug 12-14, Pangman, Sask. celebrated their 100th birthday. Incorporated in 1911, Pangman continues to be a hub of agriculture and industrial activities. Clear Creek is proud to be part of this economic development.

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Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point

Clear Creek Organics recognizes that food safety is a prime concern to not only consumers and health agencies but to our company as well. To ensure CCO is providing the safest food possible, we have begun the long process to develop a HACCP plan.

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Clear Creek Organics Attends Workshop

Gene Kessler, CEO attended the one day workshop in Regina to investigate the possibility of exporting organic beef to China. The workshop, May 4, 2011 was well attended by importers and exporters alike.

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Clear Creek Organics Holds Annual Meeting

Clear Creek Organics held their third annual meeting in Regina on March 7, 2011 at the Fireside Bistro. The general meeting at 1 PM is chaired by Lorne Schroeder of Leroy. This meeting was open to A share holders and B shareholders of the company.

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Clear Creek Organics Store Celebrates First Year Anniversary

January 25, 2011 marks the first year anniversary of Clear Creek Organics retail outlet at 425 Victoria Avenue East. as part of Dad's Organic Market.

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Clear Creek Organics and "Dining With The Stars"

Clear Creek Organics has been pleased to be partnered with the many fantastic restaurants that are available to Saskatchewan discerning diners.

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Clear Creek Organics at 2010 Organic Connections

As part of Clear Creek Organics mandate is to be an active member of the Saskatchewan’s organic community. To this end, Clear Creek took part in the "taste organics" which took place on Sunday, November 21. This event, which was open to the public, allowed for potential organic consumers to test the variety of organic fare that was available to them. CCO served their specialty all beef organic adult franks, served with organic fresh baking and organic condiments.

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One Year Anniversary

Clear Creek organics will be celebrating their first year anniversary on January 25, 2011 along with Dad's Organic Market. Their new store location was open one year ago at 425 Victoria Avenue E, Regina. Their meat and deli counter complimented the full-service organic grocery store of Dad's Organic Market as well as the Fresh Organic Bakery.

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Clear Creek Organics Attends the 2010 Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show

Gene and Pat Kessler, of Clear Creek Organics, attended the CHFA Trade Show Oct 23 and 24 , 2010 in Toronto. This show draws stores, consumers and distributors from all of Canada but in particular central Canada. Nearly 3000 visitors viewed over 500 exhibits, including CCO.

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Organic Launch Years in the Making

Gene Kessler, chief executive officer for a company that recently launched a line of prairie-raised organic processed meat products, said the project was years in the making. Clear Creek Organics officially launched its first eight products, certified by Ecocert Canada in Saskatchewan and Manitoba last month.

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Organic Farming More Than Profits

Too often farmers other than organic producers, perceive that organics are no more than receiving a premium for their products that are produced. It is in fact, a conscious effort to farm in a method that includes the soil, air, water, their livestock, crops and family that are harmonious with the natural environment.

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Clear Creek Organics Announces a Retail Outlet Partnership

CCO and Dad’s Nutritional Centre of Saskatoon are preparing to open a new organic and health food store in Regina. This centrally located space on Victoria avenue will provide the consumer access to a full menu of health foods, produce, meat, deli, baking and much more.

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Clear Creek Organics Congratulates Two Farm Kids of Brandon

Clear Creek Organics staff and board members shared in the celebration of Two Farm Kids grand re-opening in Brandon. Sept. 26th and 27th saw the Natural and Organic food store re-open their doors on a bright new and colorful interior.

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Clear Creek Organics Purchases Three Organic 4-H calves at Carievale's June Achievement Day

The mandate of Clear Creek Organics is to aid in the development of organic livestock management as well as to assist young people to realize the values of this type of livestock system.

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Clear Creek Organics Launches Free Meat

Clear Creek Organics has partnered with a well-respected family and business in the organic trade. Dad’s Nutritional Centre has become the first to carry the Clear Creek Organics brand of fresh meat. Dad’s discerning customers have welcomed the move from frozen meats and with fairly priced product.

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BBQ Packs Are Ready

We have our new BBQ packs ready just in time for summer grilling!

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Clear Creek Organics First Annual Board Meeting

Clear Creek Organicsh held its first annual share holders meeting in Weyburn on Wed. March 18th in Weybum. Eighteen "A’ share holders attended the merting at which time the financial report for 2008 was reviewed as well as a new executive elected.

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Clear Creek Organics Host Series of Regional Meetings

Despite the cold weather in early December of 2008, many organic livestock producers attended Clear Creek Organics regional meetings. The meetings held in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, were designed to inform producers on the progress Clear Creek was making on marketing fresh and value added organic meat products and how they could become involved in the company.

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Clear Creek Organics and Organic Connections 2008

Clear Creek Organics was an active participant at the recent Organic Connections in Saskatoon. This three day event was held November 16th to 19th the at the TCU Centre. Over 400 delegates shared the information sessions and trade show. Clear Creek and their representative were kept busy with questions on organic livestock production, market trends and the potential of fresh meat sales.

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