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Why Organic

Organic Beef is Worth it!

Organic Beef is considered premium priced simply because a lot more goes into the end product. It is true that “you get what you pay for” and here is the honest truth:

  • Organic beef takes longer to produce as animals are raised slower, naturally and without accelerated growth hormones.
  • The food that Organic Beef uses are all certified and verified by third party groups.
  • Organic Beef has been noted as being easier to prepare, shrinks less when cooked and simply tastes better to the end customer. There is added value in organic beef.

“Organic Beef” Revealed

Clear Creek Organics produces Certified Organic Beef which means that we have strict guidelines to follow. Here are some of the most important facts about organic beef:

  • Cattle are fed by grazing pastures filled with only organic grass and grains. This means that there are no chemicals in their food.
  • Organic cattle are not exposed to growth hormones, antibiotics and insecticides that could transfer to the meat.
  • Our cattle are humanely raised on open field and under the sun just as nature intended.
  • We don’t add any altering ingredients like nitrates, phosphorates, MSG or Gluten in our processed meats.
  • Our products are all-beef which means there are no pork or pork by-productsin the meat or casings.
  • Organic farming methods can help return nutrients to the soil as well as keep the water and air surrounding the farms free from toxic pollution caused by the use of pesticides and herbisides.
  • We consider organic beef better tasting as well so you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for the healthier choice.

Weeds are Our Friend?


Our agriculture practises have always considered weeds on our crop lands our enemy. They rob moisture, reduce yields, as well as give the neighbours something to talk about. They  also providing fodder for professional agronomists trained in chemical farming when they conduct seminars, develop news releases and radio commentary.

Television and radio ads inundate us starting in early February and go through until the snow flies telling us to spray the dandelions in our lawns, burn off fields prior to planting and on it goes. To have dandelions in our lawns is the next sin to beating your wife.

Weeds are plants that are in the wrong location at the incorrect time. If we realize that it is natures way of healing a scare that has been made on her skin either through fire, flood or agriculture practices then it may be somewhat easier to look at these "pests" . The roots of these plants bring up much needed nutrients from deep in our soil and make them available to our crops. They shield the uncovered soil from drying out as well as prevent erosion in fields under fallow. When worked into the soil provides nutrients to the soil bacteria which in turn provide food for our crops.

Weeds, the first sign of healing the wounds are soon replaced by another plant such as grasses and the cycle of plant replacement continues until a climax bio-system is reached. If man or nature interrupts this evolution with cultivation or a natural disaster, the process will start over again. The sooner we realize that we can not break this cycle but to live with it the better off the soil's health will be and everything we grow on it. Organic farmers, in most part, have come to this realization. And who gains from it? The soil, the air quality, the crops, the producers and the consumers of the crops and livestock they grow.



Organic Farmer Hannah takes care of her dandelions